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There will be more change in the healthcare industry in the next five years than there has been in the preceding 25. Technology and medical data will take us in new directions. Transformation is proceeding apace, and with it comes increased complexity. The ultimate goal is better, more efficient, and highly personalised healthcare for an ageing society.

Kamilo Kolarz
CEO, vitagroup AG

Why ice hockey?

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Hardly any other sport better exemplifies the importance of teamwork than ice hockey.

For success in this complex team sport, considered the fastest in the world, all the individual parts have to mesh in pursuit of common goals. The interaction of a wide range of experts is crucial to vitagroup’s success, allowing us to maintain an understanding of the healthcare market and design and develop future-oriented solutions.



Technology and innovation have taken the sport’s performance level to a new height.

Ice hockey is considered a pioneer in adapting technologies in the pursuit of permanent progress. And not only in respect of the players’ equipment, either: ice hockey also sets a benchmark in the sports industry when it comes to data collection and analysis in particular. Technological progress is vitagroup’s DNA, and data management our heart.



Ice hockey has already been in the midst of a challenging transformation for years.

In this time, the sport has faced complex issues of digitalisation, innovation, and social change. And come out on top! Our industry leads on many metrics. The health sector is undergoing a major transformation. vitagroup’s mission is to help shape this successfully. That’s why we observe what other industries are doing and apply the lessons learned.

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Boldly and successfully breaking new ground

German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB)

The German national team brings together the best players in the land, for whom it is both an honour and a commitment to represent their country. The team’s silver medal at the 2018 Olympic Games was a recent sporting highlight. With its POWERPLAY 26 concept, DEB is underlining its commitment to sustainable development and ensuring it is in a position to meet shifting challenges.

Red Bull München

Recently crowned German champions for the fourth time and 2019 Champions Hockey League finalist. Munich is one of the top addresses for ice hockey in Germany, but success hasn’t come by accident. Courage to lead the way is what distinguishes the Red Bulls. The training academy in the Liefering district of Salzburg and the future home venue, SAP Garden, are flagship projects that are second to none worldwide.

Adler Mannheim

The eight-time German champions have been among the elites of German ice hockey for decades. The “Eagles” are also known for their outstanding youth development system that ensures a pipeline of young players. With the construction of the SAP Arena in 2005, the team was a pioneer in the development of modern multifunctional arenas designed specifically for ice hockey.

Starbulls Rosenheim

The long-standing club that claimed three German championship titles in the 1980s and hit its financial and sporting nadir in 2000 has had a turbulent history. One thing has remained constant, however – its outstanding dedication to training at youth level all across Germany. The club has shown great example in recent years to elevate itself as a sports organisation to a new, impressive level.