Health intelligence.

Beyond human abilities.

By advancing the digital transformation of healthcare, we are continually improving wellbeing and quality of life.

Build smart to move forward

Leveraging health intelligence for forward-looking care solutions

By using our specialist expertise to harness the power of technology to benefit people, we are building bridges to a new era of health and laying the foundations for better healthcare for our customers and patients. We incorporate everything we learn into our open platform for intelligent healthcare solutions, paving the way for others to join us on this journey.

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Our mission

Health intelligence.
Beyond human abilities.

By supporting people and expanding their capabilities exponentially, smart technologies are set to make the healthcare of the future faster, more accurate, and more effective. At vitagroup, we provide the open structures, technology, services, and mindset needed to achieve this.

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Health Intelligence Platform & Health Dialog

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At vitagroup, more than 300 specialists throughout Germany continuously strive to achieve sustainable improvements in healthcare through advanced technology and smart services. Thanks to our digital products and networked telemedicine solutions, we are implementing things today that many others can still only dream of. We have been successfully establishing practical, innovative solutions and services on the market for more than 20 years.

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