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Hardware and software for the healthcare sector

It takes more than just an innovative idea to develop hardware and software systems for use in healthcare settings. Vendors have to consider a multitude of certification and approval specifications and standards and be able to adapt the product engineering process flexibly to take account of new requirements. vitagroup draws on its comprehensive healthcare expertise and pioneering technology to meet the strict criteria for medical device development, technical and clinical trials, and post-market surveillance.


When it comes to medical device development, we offer more than just the right technical infrastructure and innovative technology. We specialise in healthcare. 

EN ISO 13485 certified company

vitagroup is certified according to EN ISO 13485, Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems—Requirements for Regulatory Purposes. This means that we meet the high standards that vendors and suppliers of medical devices are required to fulfil when developing, implementing, and operating management systems for medical devices.

Strong contract development partner

We’ve been solving the toughest challenges together with our customers since 1999. At vitagroup, we maintain a clear focus on the user experience during medical device development. Our e-health solutions are intended to provide optimum everyday support to users in the medical field and patients alike. By employing attractive and intuitive user interfaces, we ensure that our digital medical devices are a pleasure to use—and deliver real improvements in healthcare.

Interface integration as a core competence

We support the straightforward development and integration of hardware and software in a variety of ways, including through the Health Intelligence Platform (HIP), an open platform for the development, operation, and use of networked healthcare applications. We can also draw on comprehensive system architecture expertise and many years of experience in interface integration and connecting medical devices and primary systems. Not forgetting scalable project teams and agile working methods. 

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Digital medical devices have the potential to revolutionise everyday medical care. What would you like to improve? 

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Kersten Klein, Produktmanager

Current vitagroup medical devices 

CODEX - COVID DATA EXCHANGE - COVID-19-Forschungsdatenplattform

TELEARZT – delegated house calls solution

With the TELEARZT healthcare concept, house calls can be delegated to healthcare professionals—and billed to insurers. Thanks to defined treatment processes, it takes only a matter of minutes for a patient’s (vital) data to be recorded in their home. All of the documentation is then automatically transferred to the practice system. Doctors can continue to focus on their full waiting rooms and participate in video consultations if necessary. 

TELEPFLEGE – intersectoral care solution

For many patients in need of care, treatment has to be closely coordinated between nursing staff and treating physicians. In order to relieve the burden from care personnel, TELEPFLEGE employs standardised digital documentation. Using a tablet, all patient data is automatically transferred to the practice system, where it can be accessed in real time. A video consultation function and a messenger app help to make intersectoral communication more efficient.

TELEKONSIL – certified video consultations

With TELEKONSIL video consultations, which can be billed to insurers, you can speak with several colleagues at the same time—from anywhere! Regular consults via video ensure that more intensive patient care and faster treatment are delivered in critical courses of disease, for example.